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Facial Lavender Spritz

Facial Lavender Spritz

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IMPORTANT: Our Lavender Spritz is a 100% natural floral Hydrosol. Please store in a cool dry place and use within 6 months once opened. 


Our Lavender Spritz is a refreshing floral hydrosol that can be used directly on the skin and left on. As a stunning and concentrated true flower water our Lavender Spritz has a wealth of healing properties on the skin. Spritz are best used after cleansing as they rebalance the skins PH Levels, restore hydration and soothe. It is suitable for all skin types. Overall our Spritz will brighten, hydrate, repair and soothe. 


For all skin types

Healing on skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, contact dermatitis, inflamed acne and dry patches of skin, also great on sunburn.

Instantly gives the skin a boost of hydration.

Rebalances the skins PH levels after cleansing

Skin will appear brighter and more dewy from the first use and with continued use will further improve.

Can be used on eyes and inflamed skin conditions.

Healing on Acne

You may see a reduction in dark circles and puffiness under the eyes when used regularly. As topical products go if anything is going to work in this area then it's Lavender. It is important to have realistic expectations in regards to dark circles under the eyes as they can occur for a range of reasons, if it is pigmentation then this will help reduce the appearance. 


After cleansing Cream, apply a few sprays of Lavender Spritz over the face and neck to rebalance, hydrate and heal the skin. Follow with Moisturiser and SPF.

You can also use Lavender Spritz throughout the day if your skin is feeling dehydrated.  



100% Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) Floral Water

Alcohol and preservative free.  


Cautions: If irritation occurs stop use immediately, rinse off product and apply a cold compress, if irritatation persists consult your GP




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